Inside AHF Brands

Inside AHF - Brands explores AHF Products’ flooring legacy and innovation. Its rich brand history includes Armstrong Flooring, Bruce, and Hartco leading the way. AHF operates multiple facilities, emphasizing quality and innovation as it expands into new areas to maintain its market leadership.

In this video, Inside AHF - Brands, Host Adam Grubb takes us behind the scenes of AHF Products, a company with a rich history - more than 100 years in the flooring industry. The AHF umbrella encompasses a diverse range of brands, including Bruce, Armstrong Flooring, Hartco, tmbr., Homewood, LM Flooring, and Robbins, among others. They offer an extensive selection of flooring materials, from solid and engineered hardwood to luxury vinyl, catering to both commercial and residential clients of all sizes.

AHF operates numerous facilities across the United States and one engineered hardwood plant in Cambodia, showcasing top-tier quality, durability, and innovation. Brian Carson, AHF President and CEO, highlights how brands like Armstrong Flooring, Bruce, and Hartco have played a crucial role in America’s history, dating back to the 1800s. In this video, Carson and other members of the AHF family discuss the company’s journey towards customer service, cost reduction, profitability, and emphasizing value proposition.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident through the emphasis on trying new ideas and encouraging intelligent risk-taking. AHF takes pride in its dedicated workforce, with employees striving for excellence in producing quality flooring products. Looking ahead, AHF aims to expand into various markets, introduce wood and vinyl flooring packages, and continue growing while maintaining its reputation as a market leader.