Brand Stories

Inside AHF Brands

Inside AHF - Brands explores AHF Products’ flooring legacy and innovation. Its rich brand history includes Armstrong Flooring, Bruce, and Hartco leading the way. AHF operates multiple facilities, emphasizing quality and innovation as it expands into new areas to maintain its market leadership.

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Inside AHF Products Innovation

Inside AHF Products - Innovation highlights AHF Products’ dedication to flooring innovation, featuring the "Otto Test," which simulates a dog's nail scratches to test wood durability and breakthroughs like waterproof wood. This commitment enhances product quality, shortens development time, and empowers customers with cutting-edge solutions.

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Inside AHF Products Manufacturing

The video Inside AHF Products - Manufacturing showcases AHF Products' dedication to top-quality flooring through manufacturing excellence, customizations, and innovation across their U.S. and Cambodia facilities, fostering teamwork and pride among employees.

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