Inside AHF Products Innovation

Inside AHF Products - Innovation highlights AHF Products’ dedication to flooring innovation, featuring the "Otto Test," which simulates a dog's nail scratches to test wood durability and breakthroughs like waterproof wood. This commitment enhances product quality, shortens development time, and empowers customers with cutting-edge solutions.

In the video Inside AHF Products - Innovation, host Adam Grubb talks with the AHF Products team and showcases its commitment to innovation in the flooring industry. The video features interviews with key figures, including engineering manager Sydney Ingles and director of research and development Matt Myers. AHF fosters a culture of constant improvement and creativity, encouraging its employees to challenge existing norms and seek innovative solutions.

One remarkable innovation highlighted in the video is the “Otto Test,” named after Myers’ dog, Otto. This test simulates a dog’s nail scratches on wooden floors to assess durability and scratch resistance. The video showcases the use of various testing equipment, such as an optical comparator and a coefficient of friction machine, to ensure products meet and exceed customer expectations.

AHF prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the flooring industry. The company has developed waterproof and highly scratch-resistant wood products, such as pet-friendly Dogwood densified hardwood flooring, that are setting new standards for the industry. The company’s dedication to innovation not only enhances product quality but also shortens the time required to bring new products to market, ultimately providing customers and partners with a competitive edge.